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A brief history

Network Carrying Company (P) Ltd was established in 1991 under the leadership of Shri Narottamlal B. Gupta, who was a renowned senior officer at M/S T.C.I. LTD. & M/S GATI LTD. Our company is driven by the singular objective to professionalize the goods and transportation industry in India. Three decades hence, NCC has cemented its name as one of the leading transport service organizations in the country.  


With its headquarters in Hyderabad, NCC is guided by the vision of Mr Sandip Gupta who is backed by an illustrious 35 years of experience in the transport industry.

An Operational Overview

Over the years NCC has developed a very strategic network encompassing 25 company branches that cover all the major cities in India, which enables us to provide extensive services all across the country. We also handle over 20,869 metric tons of products annually.


NCC began operations by moving a variety of products that primarily used to include raw materials, industrial products, and consumer durables. Today, on account of the hard work of our dedicated staff, we have expanded into more sophisticated items and earned expertise in carrying O.D.C., Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, other agriculture products, fans and ventured into the Steel and telecom Industry.

Benefits of working with us
We have been at the forefront of the digital movement, opting for computerization 15 years ago. As a result, all our controlling centres have on-line computerized operations, simplifying and optimizing the entire process for our clients.
Our efficiency of work is supported by well-documented systems and procedures that ensure consistency across all our operations.​
A small yet consolidated framework of 30 branches enables us to cater to personalized services.
An extensive database of 12,000 small villages and towns across the country facilitates easy, efficient and straightforward delivery.
Our dedicated staff can be counted on for total placement solutions with a single-window operating style.
We offer non-transhipment chartered straight deliveries to avoid handling and transit delays.
We draft fixed annual contracts to cater to every business need and to minimize the average price movement cost that alters in response to budget-related changes for transport costing.
We round off our entire system by providing expert personnel to cater to any concerns and provide customized services, as the client may require.
We continue to serve the clientele that trusted us in 1987, proof of our ability to provide long term support and maintain cordial relationships.

NCCPL has a satisfied clientele that features top Indian companies, a testament to our years of diligent service. We work with are from diverse sectors ranging from agriculture to Pharmaceuticals. In agriculture, we transport seeds, fertilizers and offer crop protection. For the chemical industry, we transport products like acids, bichromates, chlorides, carbonates, phosphates, sulphates, nitrates and solvents. Coming to the infrastructure industry, we are equipped to transport any products that may be required, steel strappings, cable drums, steel structures, machinery, HDPC pipes, Ms pipes, flooring (tiles) and industrial vessels are just to name a few. In the pharmaceutical sector, we take great care in transporting API's, tablets, pallets, injections, injectables and syringes ensuring the required degree of care. 

NCCPL's strength lies in its people. Our dedicated team of employees ensures that the company charges forward, meeting all challenges that come our way, and achieve our goals while being guided by the MISSION as laid down by the organization.

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