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Warehousing is a requirement for most businesses that manufacture, import, export or transport goods. Warehouses provide a centralized location for your goods and enable businesses to pack and grade their goods according to legal requirements and customer needs. It provides safe storage of perishable products and extends the product’s shelf life It allows for timely delivery and optimized distribution, leading to greater customer satisfaction. A warehouse allows you to store your products for a later date when the demand is high ensuring price stabilization and reduces revenue losses.


Here at NCCPL, we understand the need for a good warehouse and in light of that, we bring you a brand new, state of the art Warehousing Facility.

An Overview

Location: Medchal, Bandamailaram located near TSICC Seeds City. Nagpur Highway connects two of the major logistics and industrial centres and falls in the centre of South India. Nagpur and Hyderabad are two of the fastest-growing cities with progressive governance and advanced logistics infrastructure cropping up in both areas. Needless to say, this corridor has picked up much significance in the logistics sector at large. 

Land premises area: 6 acres with Outer Ring Road connectivity. Two sides of the plot have built up BT Road of 40 feet width. 

Warehouse build-up area: 80000 Square feet and 50000 Square feet available warehouses

Features of facility
Height from ground: 3.5 feet from road level (Plinth Level).
Internal Infra: Security room and two side entry gates for the proper flow of vehicles for entry and exit. Roads internal BT / RCC roads all as per MNC standard clauses followed during development.
Plumbing: All drainage and sewerage work has been done with two height level water tanks installed. Spacing between boundaries is as per all HMDA norms. 30 feet distance from the RCC boundary for easy four side vehicle movement and parking.
Centre Height: There are two slopes as there are two bays. The extra height bay of the facility allows the creation of an administration facility right at a point from where the entire facility can be observed. The warehouse area entry height is 11 meters and the central most part is 16 meters. Sloping sheds are provided with skylights and exhaust fans. 
Side height: 7 meters in warehouse low bay area and 12 meters in the high bay area.
Ventilation: Exhaust in the roof and entire roofing insulated puffs to curtail temperature by almost 5-6 degrees. Windows are provided at the side for proper ventilation.
Compartment: The entire shed can be made modular to divide into 3 equal partitions.
Loading Bays: 7 bays with canopy and three frontal canopy high raised allows all sort of vehicle movement.
Flooring specification: Load bearing capacity of 5 MT per SFT.
Boundary: RCC wall.
Power Supply: 25 KV Transformer.
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